przechowywanie dokumentów archizet.plStoring documents

Does a company archive take more and more of your place and its maintenance takes even more of your time, energy and funds with every passing year?

Running a business activity is always linked to continuous storing of a large number of documents.
In Archi-Zet we will store your data, having regard to the highest safety and confidentiality standards, thanks to which you will have more space for your company!

How does it look exactly in our company?

In Archi-Zet:

  • The employees of Archi-Zet will visit you to define the period of storing data, will make free estimation of documentation and individual price estimate
    • Then we will sign a contract which will be most beneficial for you
    • If required, we will deliver archival cartons to your main office, where the employees of Archi-Zet will pack documents and then transport them to our modern archive,
    • The next stage will be receiving documents for storage and issuing an adequate document handover report.

Upon your request we will make the documents available in their place of storage quickly and without any problems, we will deliver originals to a place you indicate or send copies of data by fax/e-mail.

We will also provide you with adequate reports concerning an archival resource and operations performed on it.