Niszczenie dokumentów archizet.plDestroying documents

In Archi-Zet we perfectly know that a large number of documents is issued as a result of operation of each company and also this documentation takes more and more space at an alarming pace.  Moreover, everybody should be aware that we live in such times, when information and data storage constitute one of the most precious values of each company. Destroying documents.

Therefore, we would like to offer assistance of our specialists while destroying documents, the required storage period whereof has passed and then professional and permanent document destruction, with preservation of all safety and data confidentiality standards.

When making a decision to use a service of professional destruction of documents in Archi-Zet, you save a cost related to buying necessary equipment and you save time of own employees, however, what is most important is the guarantee of destroying documents with preservation of all safety norms and standards necessary to maintain safety of the data of your company and your customers.

How does it look exactly in practice?

In Archi-Zet:

  • At the beginning we define your needs together and propose a service to you that is adopted to them
    • We estimate a service cost individually, taking into account amount of documents and their type
    • Once we receive your approval, works will be started:
    – Our employees will come to collect documents from your company within a period of 1 to 5 days.
    – If required, we will pack the documents to our bags and will seal them.
    – We will transport the documents by our convoy to the warehouses, where they will be ground
    – Grinding documents is processed according to the newest standard DIN 66399 in the quality class P2 (scrap area of max 800mm2) or P5 (scrap size of 2x15mm)
    – At the request of a customer it is possible to record the whole destruction process
    • All scraps undergo a recycling process as we are the company with the certificate for “the environmentally conscious company”
    • After finishing works – we will provide you with document destruction report, which constitutes a confirmation of complete destruction of your documents.