archiwizacja dokumentów archizet.plARCHIVING DOCUMENTS

We perfectly know in Archi-Zet that properly organized documentation constitutes a foundation for efficient operation of each company. However, a guarantee of market success consists, among others, in fast and trouble-free access to your data. Therefore, professional archiving of documents is so important, guaranteeing success in operation of each company and competitive advantage!

Notwithstanding proper archiving of documents requires long experience and expertise.  How does it look in our company?

In Archi-Zet:

  • At the beginning we define your needs together and propose services to you that are adopted to them
    • Then we will make a free estimation and assess a condition of your documentation
    • The next step will include preparation of an individual price estimate for you
    • Once we receive your approval, archiving works will be started:
    – Classification and classification of files
    – Disposal of documents for destroying
    – Preparing necessary documents
    – Preparing records in paper and electronic versions
    • When we finish works – we will pass you a comprehensively prepared documents with all records.